Introduction to PCWorld from IDG


PCWorld from IDG is a universal computer magazine brand which started its first issue in 1983. It covers everything related to personal computer (PC) technology, gaming industry, mobile devices, as well as software or programs in the above-mentioned fields. PCWorld from IDG has issued its final printed publication in 2013 and solely focused on the online medium afterward. It is based in San Francisco, California, and is currently available in more than 50 countries with their respective language. Considered one of the most informative monthly magazines in PC industry, PCWorld from IDG was once the only computing magazine that has over one million subscriptions.

In the individual publication, PCWorld from IDG supplies extensive information and mostly reviews, including but not limited to, hardware testing, software testing, first-hand experiences, latest updates, from all PC industry as well as related consumer products or portable devices. In these recent years, PCWorld from IDG also covered topics like security reviews on apps and hardware, products from small gadgets like handheld devices or large home appliances like beer-brewing machine. Moreover, it spread its wings to the business field, like the trend for next-generation, potential products under development, and the technology behind sales figures.

The primary objective of these publications from PCWorld from IDG is to provide technical points of views and insights to help readers easily comprehend information, as well as genuine hand-on experiences where users may encounter during operation or usage. Moreover, extensive reviews provided by knowledgable specialists can also assist readers and users to determine their purchase option in a much objective perspective. PCWorld from IDG has become one of the very first places you would like to view before making decisions on buying computers, smartphones, programs, home appliances, and whatnot. The expertise they provide helps to improve your decision if you already have a sense to what you prefer, or just help you decide what to buy if you don’t have any clue. With PCWorld from IDG, you don’t need to be professional to be a tech-savvy.


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