Microsoft in Education: What do they provide?


Microsoft provides some unique tools in use for schools and for educational use for teachers and students. Enrolling in Microsoft for Education gives you access to tons of benefits and free software available from Microsoft.

One thing that Microsoft gives out is benefits of their computers. Microsoft make their own computers and give discounts on them for educational use. Microsoft do good offers and there are a lot of affordable content on their shop site. Microsoft do tons more from laptops, to touchscreen-like tablets. Microsoft in Education is only meant for educational use, but it can be used by private schools, and other educational institutions rather than a public institution.

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One of the best things Microsoft offer is Office 365. Office 365 includes the whole suite of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more. Microsoft involve a lot of their software and add more features and more software quite regularly. Microsoft allows you to have access to the Admin Centre which allows you to create accounts for your students, and staff in your organisation and also assign them unlimited Office 365 licences. All of this comes for free. But there is a negative impact that stings the system. You only get Office 365 A1 which is the whole suite apart from the fact that you can’t download it on your own PC. To download on your own PC, you have to have Office 365 ProPlus which is quite expensive (it can depend on how many people is in your organisation).

Lastly, Microsoft releases benefits. By this, Microsoft allows people to get discounts, additional features and more. At the moment, Microsoft allows people to get Minecraft for Education at a discounted price, and allows people to get Windows 10 for Education if they have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Also, Microsoft allows people to use Microsoft Azure for your organisation – a program advanced for developers.

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