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For a local newspaper, the Seattle Times sure has garnered a lot of digital attention, with an ever-increasing subscription base, which is now almost touching the 40,000-mark. An all-inclusive service, the subscription provides readers access to newsletters with different types of offerings as well as content tools and the print replica of the Seattle Times.

In fact, depending on the package chosen, subscribers can even get “week-long” or “Sunday-only” home delivery of the newspaper. The best part is that all of this comes to you at truly affordable rates. Plus, if you have already subscribed to their print media, digital access is thrown in for free. So, before I tell you how to login to Seattle Times, let us talk about how to subscribe for the service, rates and all…

Subscribing to Seattle Times

At this time, the local media company, provides 3 packages, the most affordable of which is a digital-only subscription that can be purchased for a surprisingly low price of just $3.99/week. This package gets you unlimited digital access to all the offerings of Seattle Times. If you are not sure about the purchase, you can try the service out for a trial period offer of just $1 for 4 weeks. They also have two combined print and digital offers.

* The first is charged the same as the unlimited digital access, but you also get home delivery of the Sunday Seattle Times. 

* The second offer will cost you a bit more because you get the newspaper delivered to your home every day of the week. This one will set you back by $8.70/week. 
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If you are already paying for their print media, you can avail their digital offerings without paying anything extra. In both cases

* Before you log in to Seattletimes.com, you will have to create an account by using the form at https://secure.seattletimes.com/accountcenter/register.

* Print media subscribers can simply link their existing accounts with their digital account at https://secure.seattletimes.com/accountcenter/linksubscription. 

How to login to Seattle Times?

Once you are a subscriber, you can use the login page at to access the service. The media group also allows subscribers to log in with Facebook or Google accounts.

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