How to report a tech support scam


With tech support scams being more and more common on the internet, one must stay vigilant no matter what they do. One common type of the scam is related to Windows users and uses Microsoft services and websites to get user data in order to connect to their computer, from where they can either charge for “repair” or “virus removal” or lock down the computer and request ransom in exchange..

Luckily, there are a couple way of reporting those scammers, and one of the most prominent ones is available on the Microsoft website, at the following link “”.

There you can provide Microsoft with information to assist in ongoing investigation as well as international actions which battle scammers all over the globe.

Once on the website you will find a form where you can input information. Keep in mind, this form is safe and the data from it will not be used for advertising nor any form of general marketing, but rather only for tracking down scammers.

Scan down below the informative text and you will find the form, with require fields marked with a “*”,

There you can input the fraudulent company name, representative names, which might be the fake names the scammers introduced themselves with. If you have any information on the address they state you can also give their location data. In case that data is used for payments, it’s likely they can be tracked down through their fence at that location.

We recommend you also describe the scam in as much detail as possible as well as allow Microsoft to contact you for more information.

In case you paid money to the scammers, do contact your bank, since most of them can get you a refund, especially on credit cards.

Tip: Legitimate services will never ask for payment in gift cards nor without an invoice, keep that in mind to avoid scams.

Report a tech support scam


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